Our research is to establish the scientific underpinnings for innovations and breakthroughs in fuel cell and advanced battery technologies. With an interdisciplinary approach that combines the knowledge of thermofluids science and electrochemistry, we study the coupled transport of heat, mass, electrons and ions to simultaneously maximize the flows of all the species in multi-scaled porous structures.
Professor Tianshou Zhao has been named in the 2014 list of highly cited researchers by the Thompson and Reuters Highly Cited Researchers

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Prof Zhao and leading international and local experts at the Forum on Sustainable Energy in March 2014.
Prof Zhao received a 2013 State Natural Science Award (Second Class) from the State Council of the People’s Republic of China.
We describe an alkaline direct ethanol fuel cell (DEFC) that employs a cation exchange membrane (CEM) and show that this CEM-DEFC can stably discharge with a high power density at an operating temperature as high as 90oC. Read more
The ionomer synthesized with a new cross-linker, featured with long aliphatic chains of alkyl groups and inherent diamine structures, enables a significant performance boost for anion exchange membrane fuel cells. Read more
Contrary to conventional wisdom, this study demonstrates that the main charge carrier of alkaline direct oxidation fuel cells running on ethanol with a cation exchange membrane (typically Nafion) is OH ions, rather than Na+ ions. Read more