Solid Mechanics and Dynamics


Solid Mechanics and Dynamics are two of the fundamental pillars of Mechanics research. The Department has a diverse collection of faculty with expertise in these fields. The research activities range from applied to theoretical problems, and are extremely multi-disciplinary, involving applied mathematics, solid mechanics, nonlinear dynamics, computations, solid state physics, material science and experiments for various kinds of solid materials/systems and mechanical behaviors. Faculty members work on problems of both static and dynamic natures with different types of evolutions. These problems also involve multi-fields coupling at different time and length scales, from micro-second to long time creep processes and from a very small carbon nano-tube or a cell to macroscopic scale composite materials and electro-mechanical devices/systems.

Representative Research Projects

  • A Cartesian cell-based fast integral equation approach for nonhomogeneous and nonlinear problems
  • Combined molecular and continuum hybrid simulation techniques for efficient modeling of gas flows in microelectromechanical/nanoelectromechanical devices
  • Experimental study of two-dimensional phase transition domain kinetics in tube configuration
  • Evaluation of package and board level solder joint reliability of ceramic ball grid array packages under ball pull, ball shear, mechanical bending and shock loadings
  • Failure mechanism of lead-free solder joints in printed circuit board assembly under repetitive mechanical drop loading
  • Phase transition behavior of NiTi shape memory alloy polycrystals at intermediate tensile strain rates of 0.1/s-100/s

Faculty Members

Prof Sherry CHEN
Prof David LAM 
Prof Ricky LEE 
Prof Yi Kuen LEE 
Prof Qingping SUN 
Prof Wenjing YE