Microsystems and Precision Engineering


Micro ElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) is a multidisciplinary research field which has been making a great impact on our daily life, including various micro sensors used in personal electronics, transportation, communication, biomedical diagnostics, etc. Fundamental and applied research work is being conducted in this area. Basic micro/nanomechanics, such as fluid and solid mechanics, heat transfer and materials problems unique to micro/nanomechanical systems are studied. New ideas to produce microsystems for energy, biomedicine and nanomaterials, micro sensors and micro actuators are explored. Technology issues related to the micro/nanofabrication of these devices are being addressed.

Representative Research Projects

  • Micro sensors and actuators for consumer electronics, geohazard monitoring and telecommunication
  • Microfluidic system for nanomaterial synthesis
  • Microfabrication technologies for biomaterials, micro sensors and microsytem packaging
  • Micro/nanofluidics for drug screening and diagnostics of diseases, such as cancers
  • Micro/nanomechanics of biomaterials, nanomaterials and smart materials
  • Microsystem for energy and environmental engineering

Faculty Members

Prof Ricky LEE 
Prof Yi Kuen LEE 
Prof Zhigang LI 
Prof Huihe QIU 
Prof Qingping SUN 
Prof Shuhuai YAO 
Prof Wenjing YE 
Prof Tianshou ZHAO

Significant Impacts Areas

Microsystem technologies have been applied to the fabrication of micro scanning mirrors used in miniaturized projectors and new electronic packaging methods. 

A landslide alert system based on wireless micro sensors has been employed for both the study of geomechanics of soils and for applications on selected slopes in Hong Kong.

Micro chaotic mixer integrated nanostructured silicon substrates for capturing circulating tumor cells (CTCs) has been clinically demonstrated to be faster and cheaper than existing cancer diagnostics methods in hospitals. This new molecular diagnostics technology will eventually reduce cancer mortality in Hong Kong.