Energy/Thermal Fluid and Environment Engineering


Research in energy, thermal/fluids and environmental engineering includes fuel cells and batteries, advanced renewable energy storage systems, thermoelectric materials and devices, nanoscale heat and mass transfer, transport in multicomponent and multiphase systems, innovative electronics cooling systems, energy efficient buildings, contaminant transport in indoor environments and control.

Droplet Breakup in a Microflow-Focusing Device

Dispersion and Deposition of Expiratory Aerosols in Aircraft Cabins

Fuel Cell Driven Toy Cars

Representative Research Projects

  • Advanced SOFC anodes with in situ exsolved nanoparticles: characterizations from the macro to the nanoscale and computational studies
  • Built environment and indoor air quality
  • Development of a high-performance and safe all-solid-state Li-ion battery
  • Energy efficient building technology

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Faculty Members

Prof Qing CHEN
Prof Francesco CIUCCI 
Prof Baoling HUANG
Prof Yi Kuen LEE 
Prof Zhigang LI
Prof Huihe QIU 
Prof Qingping SUN 
Prof Shuhuai YAO 
Prof Wenjing YE
Prof Jianbo XU
Prof Tianshou ZHAO

Significant Impacts Areas

Environmental concerns and sustainable development call for a new generation of energy-conversion technologies to replace the existing fossil-fuel, combustion-based energy systems. The faculty members in the area of Energy, Thermal/Fluids and Environmental Engineering focus their research on developing and understanding cutting-edge energy technologies. The outcomes of these research projects will put Hong Kong at the forefront of sustainable energy production with the capability of producing a next-generation sustainable energy-conversion technology with excellent working efficiency but low greenhouse gas emissions.