Design, Manufacturing Automation and Robotics


Mechanical design, manufacturing automation, and robotics are at the heart of mechanical engineering in which engineers conceive, design, build and test innovative solutions to "real world" problems. Research work is being conducted in the areas of geometric modeling, intelligent design and manufacturing process optimization, in-process monitoring and control of manufacturing processes, servosystem control, mechatronics, prime-mover system control, sensor technology and measurement techniques, bio-medical systems design and manufacturing, and robotic hardware/software design. 

In-Process Form Error Measurement for Precision Machining

Advanced Cooling for Precision Machining

Advanced Machining Tools

Multi-Material Soft Robotic Grippers

Deep Learning for Autonomous Manipulation

Representative Research Projects

  • Advanced medical devices for treatment of intracranial aneurysms
  • Auto diassorter
  • Automatic robot cutter for repairing underground drainage pipes in Hong Kong
  • Clinical testing of smart contact lens for glaucoma diagnosis
  • Deep learning based defect inspection of smartphone glass (HK ITC)
  • Development of an integrated machine-version system for diamond auto-grading
  • Development of breathable non-invasive contact lens sensor for glaucoma diagnosis and biofeedback treatment
  • Development of efficient algorithms for parameter identification of a class of systems
  • Electrical vehicles design
  • Feedback control of mechanical systems based on reachability and controllability
  • Innovative gecko grippers for top-side gripping of smartphone glass using synthetic directional adhesives (HK ITC)
  • On the development of the model based algorithm for diamond clarity and cut grading using computer vision
  • Optimized design, fabrication and evaluation of a multimaterial soft robotic grippers
  • Prehensile dexterity for autonomous robotic manipulation (HKUST-MIT Research Alliance)
  • Real time dynamic resistance tracking control of resistance spot welding
  • Robotic hand with stereo vision on palm
  • Versatile and dexterous robotic manipulation for more intelligent object handling

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Faculty Members

Prof Lilong CAI 
Prof Yongsheng GAO 
Prof David LAM 
Prof Yi Kuen LEE 
Prof Jun SEO
Prof Kai TANG 
Prof Michael WANG

Significant Impacts Areas

Our research activities in design, manufacturing automation, and robotics have a strong linkage with local industry in such areas as jewelry, garment, molding, precision tooling, microelectronics packaging and bio-medical devices. We are also conducting state of the art research in computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing, control, and precision manufacturing and measurement.