Prof. Redonnet holds a MASc in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mathematics (dual degree), a PhD in Computational AeroAcoustics, and an Accreditation to Supervise Research (French so-called 'Habilitation', equivalent to UK's DSc). Before joining HKUST, Prof. Redonnet was Senior Research Fellow at ONERA (French national Aerospace Research Center), where he served for more than fifteen years. There, he conducted activities and endorsed responsibilities that gradually increased in spectrum and intensity, relating to either scientific research (technical expertise, scientific advisory), project management (research projects, business partnerships) and/or international affairs (scientific cooperation, governance concertation). As such, he was involved in various large-scale initiatives gathering major stakeholders of the aerospace research, worldwide (industry, academia, official bodies). Among other things, this led him working intensively with Airbus (through either European projects, French national grants or direct contracts), cooperating for a decade with NASA (where he spent 1,5 year as Visiting Researcher), and engaging in worldwide governance initiatives (e.g. the International Forum for Aviation Research, IFAR, which he chaired the working group devoted to aircraft noise mitigation).

Prof. Redonnet’s research activities focus on the development and application of high-fidelity computational methods for simulating aerodynamics and acoustics phenomena, with the twofold objective of solving practical problems coming from the aerospace industry and answering more fundamental questions about their underlying physics. As such, Prof. Redonnet (co)authored 70+ research papers, conducted many research projects as Principal Investigator, coordinated various international cooperation initiatives, and supervised/advised several PhD thesis/internships.

Teaching Activities

  • MECH-3670 Aircraft performance and stability

Research Interests

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics & Computational AeroAcoustics
  • High Performance Large Scale Computing
  • Computer-based Design for Aerospace

Other Professional Activities

  • Peer Reviewer for A-Rank Journals, since 2008: Journal of Turbulence, Computers & Fluids, Journal of Sound & Vibration, Journal of American Institute for Aeronautics & Astronautics (AIAA J.), Journal of Scientific Computing, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluid, Journal of Turbomachinery, Noise Control Engineering Journal, Journal of Computational Acoustics