Graduated from Agricultural Machinery Department (now Bio-Industrial Mechatronics Engineering Department), National Taiwan University (NTU), and then obtained MS degree in Institute of Applied Mechanics, NTU. After completing two-year's military service in Taiwan, he went to the United States and obtained a Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles under the guidance of Dr. Chih-Ming Ho. He is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and a Research Affiliate in the Institute of Integrated Microsystem and Bioengineering Graduate Program at HKUST.

Teaching Activities

MECH5950 Introduction to Microsystems: Technology and Devices

Research Interests

Bio-Microelectromechanical System (Bio-MEMS) and Lab-on-a-chip: micro biosensors, micro electroporation chips
Nanoelectromechanical System (NEMS)
Micro chaotic mixing: micro spatial-temporal chaotic mixer
MEMS key technology development: ICP Deep RIE process modeling and optimization using Design of Experiments
Micro sensors using nanocomposite materials
Fluorescence video microscopy for single molecule analysis
Micro bubble actuators for integrated microfluidic systems

Research Projects

  • HK RGC CERG 2004-2006, Integrated nano bubble actuator (PI).
  • HK RGC CERG 2005-2006, Low-Voltage Micro Pulsed RF Electroporation Cell Chip for DNA Transfer  (PI).
  • HK RGC CERG 2006-2007, Nonlinear Electrophoresis Dynamics of Large DNA Molecules in Micro Electrophoresis Chip with Nanopillar Arrays (PI)
  • HK RGC CERG 2007-2008, Microelectroendocytosis Cell Chips for DNA Transfection with High Cell Viability (PI)
  • KAUST-HKUST 2008-2012, Joint Microfluidics Research Project on micro electroporation (Co-I)
  • HK RGC CERG 2007-2008, The TiO2-modified UV-C Disinfection Process for Inhibition of Post-Irration Bacteria Recovery: Mechanism Assessment and Process Development (Co-I, with Prof Chii Shang, HKUST)
  • HK RGC CERG 2007-2008, An Integrated Microfluidic Chip for Single Cell Electrophysiological Studies within Picoliter Volume (Co-I, with Prof Mo Yang, HK PolyU).
  • HKUST Emerging High Impact Areas (EHIA) Grant 2005/06, Integrated Smart Biometrics Systems (Co-I, with Prof Amine Bermak).
  • HKUST Emerging High Impact Areas (EHIA) Grant 2005/06, Novel DNA-Aptamer based Bioanalytical Microsystem (Co-I, with Prof I-Ming Hsing)
  • USA Natl Sci. Foundation Intl. Grant 2003~2007, Microfluidic Mixers Using Nanoengineered Responsive Polymer Surfaces (PI, with Prof Qiao Lin, Carnegie Mellon Univ., USA).
  • HKUST PDF Matching Fund, 2005-2006, Development of technology for integrated nano bubble actuator devices (PI).
  • F-HK18/05T 2006/2007  France/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme,  Integrated Microfluidic System Using Giant Electrorheological Fluid , with  Prof Patrick Tabeling, ESPCI, Paris, France (PI).
  • F-HK07/08.EG07 2007/2008 France/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme, Giant Electrorheological Fluid Based-Digital Microfluidics, with Prof Patrick Tabeling, ESPCI, Paris, France (PI).