Prof. Qing CHEN awarded the 2020 NSFC Excellent Young Scientist (EYS)

Prof. Qing Chen has received the 2020 Excellent Young Scientist (EYS) Scheme by the Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), a highly prestigious award in China. With this award, he will continue advancing his research on percolation dissolution and nanoporous metals for electrochemical energy storage.

The NSFC-EYS is one of the highly competitive and prestigious awards for young scientists in China. The NSFC-EYS scheme offers support to young scientists aged below 38 for male and below 40 for female, who obtained good achievements in basic research, and encourage them to focus on self-chosen area for innovative research. It aims to facilitate a rapid development of young talents in scientific technology and eventually to nurture a group of outstanding academic talents entering into the forefront of international technology. Starting from 2019, NSFC has also opened the EYS awards to academics in Hong Kong and Macau institutions.

Congratulations to Prof. Chen!

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