MAE Students received the 1st & 2nd Prize of Group Awards in BSOMES Research Prize 2019

Representatives from two groups of MAE Yr-4 students (from left) Mr. Leung Cheuk Nam, Mr. Tong Kin Ho and Miss Cheung Wang Sze, Miss Choi Yuen Ching joined the award presentation ceremony at the BOSOMES anniversary dinner.

Two groups of MAE final year undergraduate students supervised by Prof. Wenjing Ye and Prof. Shuhuai Yao respectively, received the 1st Prize of Group Award and 2nd Prize of Group Award  in the "BSOMES Research Prize 2019". The award presentation ceremony was held during the BOSOMES anniversary dinner at Holiday Inn Golden Mile, Tsim Sha Tsui on 31 October 2019.

BSOMES Research Prize 2019 - Group Awards :
1st prize – Miss Pak Hau Yung, Miss Cheung Wang Sze, Miss Choi Yuen Ching 
2nd prize – Mr. Tong Kin Ho, Mr. Chiu Yin Chung, Mr. Fung Mung Lung, Miss Ho Lai In, Mr. Leung Cheuk Nam


Buidling Services Operation and Maintenance Executives Society (BSOMES) was incorporated on 26 April 2000 in Hong Kong as a non-profit-making learned Society. It contributes to the building services operation and maintenance profession through Representation in various government departments' consultation such as operational problem in FSI and IAQ Management Guidance Notes; Participation in university and technical institute course advisory boards; and Liaisons with utility companies on Demand Side Management and tariff matters.