MPhil student Lan Yao received the Best Presentation Student Award in ASV15

"I am so proud to get this special award to be acknowledged with my presentation style and research work! I want to say thank you to my supervisor for giving me the opportunity and powerful academic guidance, and to my colleagues for their lots of help. I believe this award will inspire me to do better in my future research! Thank all of people’ supporting!" Lan YAO, MAE MPhil student.

Miss Lan YAO, MAE MPhil student of Prof. Huihe Qiu, received the "Best Presentation Student Award" for a paper entitled: “The Effects of Structure and Flexibility on the Hydrodynamics of Trapezoid Bio-mimetic Fins” in the 15th Asian Symposium on Visualization (ASV15) held in Busan, Korea during September 25 - 28, 2019. 

About ASV

The  Asian Symposium on Visualization (ASV) is organized by the Korean Society of Visualization (KSV). ASV is a well-known international symposium, and has been focusing on advances in visualization methods and their applications, most of all, to fluid mechanics. The symposium offers opportunities to exchange scientific ideas and create networks between people from academia, industry and regulatory authorities as well as between young and established scientists and professionals.

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