MAE Undergraduate Students received HKUST President’s Cup - Gold Award

MAE Student Team, led by Prof. Michael Wang, has been selected as the Gold Award Winner of the HKUST President’s Cup 2019.  The competition, since 2002, aims to provide a unique learning experience by cultivating students' creativity, interest and expertise in research, as well as students' attainment of excellence and innovation. The award presentation ceremony was held at Dean of Students’ Office on 29 April 2019.  

The project "The Autonomous Gecko-Inspired Symbiosis Robotics End-Effector" provides an affordable solution of grasping. It extend the boundary of conventional mechanisms, such as vacuum method and bernoulli’s end-effectors. It has the capability of grasping things in space, lifting thing-film object, and no-residue-adhesion. Its outstanding performance comes from the working principle, which uses millions of micro-scaled thin films that adhere to a surface using Van Der Waals forces — the same way that geckos climb. It is able to attach and lift flat and smooth surfaces without external power. Using easy-controllable grasping operation, it can create a more clean, efficient and cost-effective solution with varies lift and place applications. Huge market potential for industrial production and daily usage could be expected on this novel end-effector.

Demo video of the project: click here

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