The HKUST-MAE Team gained Invaluable practical experiences in the 10th International Micro Air Vehicle (IMAV) Competition

12 students from MAE Department participated in the 10th International Micro Air Vehicle (IMAV) Competition. The competition this year was organised by RMIT University and took place in Melbourne, Australia on 19-23 November 2018. There were two main events in the competition: outdoor event and indoor event. The outdoor event required the student to create a micro air vehicle (MAV) that could do mapping, identify objects, metal detection and search and rescue. While the indoor event required the MAV to detect obstacles, read signs, fly through confined space and adhere to smooth side wall.

The HKUST-MAE team mainly consisted of undergraduate students and was supervised by Dr. Sunny Chan. This was the first time MAE students joining this international competition. Most other teams in the competition consisted of more members and were dominated by postgraduate students or researchers in the field. The team came 6th in the outdoor event and 4th in the indoor event. While the students were mostly confused and lost when they first started to prepare for the competition in May, they managed to overcome the problems and mastered the skills needed to build the different MAVs that could accomplish all the tasks in the two events. It is a steep learning curve, but all students in the team expressed that they enjoyed the competition as it was an eye opening experience and learned a lot through this hands on project.