Prof. Rhea Liem receives SENG Teaching Excellence Appreciation Award 2017-18

Prof. Liem has received the School of Engineering (SENG) Teaching Excellence Appreciation Award 2017-18. The SENG Teaching Excellence Appreciation Award is presented annually to a maximum of four faculty members who are able to demonstrate consistent excellence in undergraduate teaching, foster students’ interest in advanced subject matter, and develop innovative pedagogical methods to enhance engineering education for undergraduate students. One of the recipients of this award is then selected to receive the Distinguished Teaching Award.

Apart from consistently scoring high in teaching evaluation, Prof. Rhea Liem is actively engaged in extra-curricular activities. She has participated in an international, joint-university student competition, and initiating a student chapter/club in space system designs. She advised an inter-university student group to participate at the Revolutionary Aerospace Systems Concepts Academic Linkage (RASC-AL) competition organized by the National Institute of Aerospace (NIA). The team was shortlisted as one of the finals, and attended the final round in Cocoa Beach, Florida, in June 2018.

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