HKUST Student Team Won Silver Award at JEC OEPA 2017

From left: Prof. Jun Seo, Ki Ki Cheung, Ching Chun Chung and Jacky Zhuo Quan Im

MAE undergraduate Ki Ki Cheung and MPhil in TLE student Jacky Zhuo Quan Im, both from the School of Engineering and supervised by Prof. Jun Seo, won the Silver Award at the JEC Outstanding Engineering Project Awards (OEPA) 2017. The winning team has received a certificate, together with a cash prize of HKD 30,000 at the award presentation ceremony on 17 July 2017.

The team was awarded for their project “ Underwater Robot for Ocean Exploration”. Ocean is a very mysterious place since it is covered by seawater. There are a lot of beautiful living creatures in the ocean such as coral reefs and sea turtles. However, due to high water pressure and unpredictable environment, diving is sometimes dangerous. Thus, the goal of this project is to build a small underwater robot for people to enjoy the fun of ocean exploration safely and easily. The underwater robot "Dolphin V4X mark II" is designed to have 4 thrusters like a quad-rotor drone. This thruster configuration allows the robot to have 4 degrees of freedom and perform agile movement like a dolphin. The modular design also makes the robot to be easily repaired, transported and upgraded. (Watch demo video. )

Organized by the Jardine Engineering Corporation (JEC) since 2005, the OEPA was set up to encourage future engineers to embrace changes for improvement and to be innovative in the engineering industry, meanwhile, outstanding students may be granted a job interview at JEC. This year, a total of six teams entered the final round, four of which were from the HKUST.

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