MAE Graduates Recognized in SENG PhD Research Excellence Award for Two Years in a Row

Our 2016 graduate, Dr Zhenglong Xu, under the supervision of Prof. Jangkyo Kim, won the SENG PhD Research Excellence Award 2016-17.

Dr Xu’s research work mainly focuses on advanced materials for sustainable energy storage devices including Li-ion batteries and Li-S batteries. His research during his PhD study at HKUST centered on the development of nanostructured silicon/carbon composites as anodes for Li-ion batteries. He has established substantial experience in nanostructural design, synthesis and characterization, especially the techniques of electrospinning and in-situ transmission electron microscopy. The relationship between electrochemical properties, morphologies and chemical structures and lithiation mechanisms of Si/C, sulfur/C composites has been comprehensively investigated, with results published in varied prestigious journals in the topic area, such as “Advanced Energy Materials” and “Nano Energy”. He has 7 journal papers published online and another 2 papers under review, 1 US patent, along with 17 co-authored journal papers. He has 344 citations in Google Scholar index.

Currently, he is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Applied Physics at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Since 2011, this award has been established to recognize the outstanding achievement of the School’s PhD students and recent graduates, being granted to those who have made significant and influential contributions to their discipline during PhD studies at HKUST. The awardee will receive a prize of HKD 25,000 and also be invited to give a talk in the Award Presentation Ceremony in April.

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Dr Zhenglong Xu