High-order Spectral Difference Method for Studying Rotary Wing Aerodynamics and Thermal Convection and Magneto-hydrodynamics for the Sun

Speaker :
Prof. Chunlei Liang
Associate Professor of Engineering and Applied Science, The George Washington University, USA
Date : 19 Feb 2019 (Tue)
Time : 11:00 am
Venue : Room 5510, HKUST (5/F., Lift #25/26)


Two recent advancements of high-order spectral difference (SD) method for computational fluid dynamics on unstructured meshes will be presented. The first progress is our contribution to a new curved sliding-mesh approach to the SD method for simulating rotary wing aerodynamics.  The second elevation of the SD method is our recent successful design of a massively parallel code, namely CHORUS, for predicting thermal convection in the Sun.  Recently, we have also built a simulation capability for predicting magnetohydrodynamics of the Sun.


Dr. Chunlei Liang is an Associate Professor of Engineering and Applied Science at The George Washington University.  He is an editorial board member of Computers & Fluids, an Elsevier Journal and an Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). Prof. Liang received a Young Investigator Program award from the Office of Naval Research in 2014 and a CAREER award from the National Science Foundation in 2016.