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Solid Mechanics and Dynamics
Solid Mechanics and Dynamics are two of the fundamental pillars of Mechanics research. The Department has a diverse collection of faculty with expertise in these fields. The research activities range from applied to theoretical problems, and are extremely multi-disciplinary, involving applied mathematics, solid mechanics, nonlinear dynamics, computations, solid state physics, material science and experiments for various kinds of solid materials/systems and mechanical behaviors. Faculty members work on problems of both static and dynamic natures with different types of evolutions. These problems also involve multi-fields coupling at different time and length scales, from micro-second to long time creep processes and from a very small carbon nano-tube or a cell to macroscopic scale composite materials and electro-mechanical devices/systems.

Prof David C C LAM
Prof Ricky S W LEE
Prof Yi Kuen LEE
Prof Qingping SUN
Prof Wenjing YE
Prof Tongyi ZHANG
Representative Research Projects
  • A Cartesian Cell-Based Fast Integral Equation Approach for Nonhomogeneous and Nonlinear Problems
  • Combined Molecular and Continuum Hybrid Simulation Techniques for Efficient Modeling of Gas Flows in Microelectromechanical/Nanoelectromechanical Devices
  • Experimental Study of Two-Dimensional Phase Transition Domain Kinetics in Tube Configuration
  • Evaluation of Package and Board Level Solder Joint Reliability of Ceramic Ball Grid Array Packages under Ball Pull, Ball Shear, Mechanical Bending and Shock Loadings
  • Failure Mechanism of Lead-Free Solder Joints in Printed Circuit Board Assembly under Repetitive Mechanical Drop Loading
  • Phase Transition behavior of NiTi shape Memory Alloy Polycrystals at Intermediate Tensile Strain Rates of 0.1/s-100/s