Department of Mechanical EngineeringRESEARCH & fACILITIES
Solid Mechanics and Dynamics
Solid Mechanics and Dynamics are two of the fundamental pillars of Mechanics research. The Department has a very diverse collection of faculty with expertise in these fields. The research activities range from applied to theoretical problems, and are extremely multi-disciplinary involving applied mathematics, solid mechanics, nonlinear dynamics, computations, solid state physics, material science and experiments for various kinds of solid materials/systems and mechanical behaviors. Faculty members work on problems of both static and dynamic nature with different types of evolutions. These problems also involve multi-fields coupling at different time and length scales, from micro-second to long time creep processes and from a very small carbon nano-tube or a cell to macroscopic scale composite materials and electro-mechanical devices/systems.

Representative Research Projects

Significant Impacts
OPITMA - State-of-the-art structural optimization software for tall building design, which has been employed in the design of numerous tall buildings in Hong Kong, including the 118-story International Commerce Centre, Two International Finance Centre, Sorrento, The Harbourside and The Arch.

Specialist wind engineering advice and wind tunnel testing for major infrastructures in Hong Kong, including the West Kowloon Cultural District Development, Kowloon Mega Tower, Two International Finance Centre, Stonecutters Bridge and the International Exhibition Centre at the Hong Kong Airport.