Department of Mechanical EngineeringRESEARCH & fACILITIES
Mechatronics and Control
Research topics in this area include servosystem control, robotics, mechatronics, prime-mover system control, sensor technology and measurement techniques, control systems for manufacturing integration, in-process monitoring of manufacturing processes, inspection systems, and multi-media interfacing for automated mechanical systems.

Prof Lilong CAI
Prof Yongsheng GAO
Prof Yi Kuen LEE
Representative Research Projects
  • Fourier Neural Networks with Applications in the Control of Nonlinear Systems
  • Development of thread tension control system for embroidery machines
  • Development of an integrated feedback control system for spot welding
  •  Development of an integrated machine-version system for Diamond auto-grading
  • Development of an automatic elecgtromechanical system to sort diamonds     

Significant Impacts
Prof Lilong Cai and Prof. Vincent Li of Mechanical Engineering and their research team successfully developed an Automatic Diamond Sorter to grade diamonds (diameter from 0.8mm to 3 mm) according to their color/clarity features. The machine replaced the tedious manual grading tasks which were inefficient and not reliable. The project was an example of collaboration between UST and a local industrial company (Eternity Manufacturing Ltd.) with funding being provided by the Government and the company.

The project involved research work on the latest technologies of image processing, vision system, mechatronics and automatic control. The result of this research has made significant contribution in the diamond industries for grading small sized diamonds at large quantities.