Department of Mechanical and Aerospace EngineeringRESEARCH & fACILITIES
Design and Manufacturing Automation
Mechanical design and manufacturing automation are at the heart of mechanical engineering in which engineers conceive, design, build and test innovative solutions to "real world" problems. Research work is being conducted in the areas of geometric modeling, intelligent design and manufacturing process optimization, in-process monitoring and control of manufacturing processes, servosystem control, robotics, mechatronics, prime-mover system control, sensor technology and measurement techniques, and bio-medical systems design and manufacturing.

Prof Lilong CAI
Prof Yongsheng GAO
Prof David C C LAM
Prof Yi Kuen LEE
Prof Vincent LI
Prof Kai TANG
Prof Matthew M F YUEN
Representative Research Projects
  • 5-axis Tool Path Generation from the Perspective of Minimizing the Dynamic Loading on the Machine‚Äôs Rotary Axes and Local GougingA Unified Tool Path Planning Algorithm for 5-axis Sculptured Surface Machining Based on Variational Energy Minimization"
  • Development of Thread Tension Control System for Embroidery Machines
  • Development of an Integrated Feedback Control System for Spot Welding
  • Development of an Integrated Machine-Version System for Diamond Auto-grading
  • Fourier Neural Networks with Applications in the Control of Nonlinear Systems

Significant Impacts Areas
Research in design and manufacturing automation has a strong linkage with local industry in the areas of jewelry, garment, molding, precision tooling, microelectronics packaging and bio-medical devices. It is also conducting front-line research in computer-aided-design and computer-aided-manufacturing, control, precision manufacturing and measurement, and control.