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Aerodynamics and Propulsion
Research in aerodynamics and propulsion includes the study of the performance of aero engines, propellers, flapping wings, and rotors. It deals with interactions among unsteady aerodynamics, structural mechanics, and dynamic phenomena for aircraft wings, rotor blades, flapping wings, aero-thermal efficiency and the engine life cycle maintainability. It is therefore a highly multidisciplinary topic encompassing both computational and experimental problems. Our current efforts are focused on exploiting aeroelastic phenomena to increase the efficiency of next-generation aircrafts and on understanding the fundamental mechanisms of aerodynamic actuation that allow effective aeroelastic control of flexible wings and blades.

Prof. Christopher Y H CHAO
Prof. Francesco CIUCCI
Prof. Yi Kuen LEE
Prof. Huihe QIU
Prof. Wei SHYY
Prof. Wenjing YE
Prof. Tianshou ZHAO
Prof. Kun XU (MATH)
Representative Research Projects
  • Computational Methods for Unsteady Aerodynamics
  • Development of Key Technologies for Aeroelastic Design of Aircraft Turbine Blades
  • Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicles (MAV)
  • Development of High-order Kinetic Schemes for hypersonic Flow Computations

Significant Impacts Areas
Environmentally Responsible Aviation (ERA) Project is crucial with its research efforts to “green” the skies. ERA is developing novel aircraft concepts and technologies, such as changes in engine design or use of alternative fuels to help reduce the impact of aviation on the environment.

The State Council, China's cabinet, is currently deliberating a major aircraft engine research and development program, which will lead to an investment of least 100 billion Yuan (roughly US$16 billion).

The faculty members in the area of Aerodynamics and Propulsion focus their research on developing and understanding cutting-edge aerospace technologies. The outcomes of these research projects will help Hong Kong and China with the capability of producing a next-generation green airplane and developing new high-value-added products.