Department of Mechanical and Aerospace EngineeringOUR PEOPLE
MPhil Students
Nameorder   Email Supervisor
Mr CHAN Yat Wa 陳日華 Prof Lilong Cai
Miss CHAN Mei Shan 陳美珊 Prof David Lam
Miss CHEUNG Yung Shan 張榕珊 Prof Christopher Chao
Mr CHUNG Ching Chun Prof Larry Li
Miss GAO Shengyang 高升阳 Prof Larry Li / Prof Xin Zhang
Mr HAN Ne Myo Prof Jangkyo Kim
Mr HE Yu Prof Xun Huang
Mr HU Haochen Prof Xin Zhang
Mr JEONG Shin Young Prof Christopher Chao
Mr KAN Zicheng Prof Michael Wang
Mr LAM Kwun Yu 林冠宇 Prof Francesco Ciucci
Mr LEE Ching Hymn Christopher 李靖謙 Prof David Lam
Ms LIU Chunjiao Prof ZG Li
Mr LIYANTO Henry Prof Shuhuai Yao
Mr LUO Huahuang Prof Yi-kuen Lee
Miss NGAI Cheuk Yu 魏卓如 Prof Huihe Qiu
Mr OR Ping Wai Prof David Lam
Mr QUATTROCCHI Emanuele Prof Francesco Ciucci
Mr SHADAB Mohammad Afzal Prof Kun Xu
Mr SHANG Andrew Weber Prof Ricky Lee
Mr SI Minqiang 司敏强 Prof Larry Li
Miss SUI Wenshu 隋文姝 Prof Yi-kuen Lee
Mr TSE Kwan Shu Prof Larry Li
Mr WANG Huiqing Prof Xin Zhang
Mr XIE Fubao Prof Yongsheng Gao
Mr XIONG Yao 熊垚 Prof Lilong Cai
Mr YANTO Jefry Prof Rhea Liem
Mr YIP Hon Ming 葉漢明 Prof Lilong Cai
Ms YU Jing Prof Francesco Ciucci
Mr ZENG Zhuo Hui Prof Sherry Chen
Miss ZHANG Yiqing 張翼清 Prof Jingshen Wu
Mr ZHU Yuanhang 朱遠航 Prof Larry Li