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Jingshen WU 吳景深
PhD, Sydney
Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Professor Jingshen Wu graduated with a prestigious Guo Mo-Ruo Prize/Silver Medal from the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) in 1983. After working in the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Xi'an Jiaotong University for four years, he was invited to work in the Polymer and Composites Group at the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg (TUHH), Germany from July 1987 to December 1989. His major research interests at TUHH included the fracture behavior of fiber reinforced polymer composites under impact loading and friction and wear properties of polymers and polymer composites at elevated temperatures. In December 1989, Prof. Wu started his postgraduate study in the area of polymer blends at the University of Sydney, Australia. As part of his Ph.D. program, Prof. Wu also studied at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA from 1991 to 1992. In March 1994, he was awarded his Ph.D. degree and subsequently, was appointed as a postdoctoral research associate by the University of Sydney. In January 1995, he was awarded a prominent Australian Postdoctoral Research Fellowship. Prof. Wu joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in early 1996. He is a professore and the director of the Center for Engineering Materials and Reliability (CEMAR) and the director of the Advanced Engineering Facility (AEMF); He has been appointed as an Adjunct Professor by the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC); Xi'an Jiaotong University; Sichuan University and Harbin Engineering University.

Teaching Activities

MECH2410 Engineering Materials I


Research Interests

Prof. Jingshen Wu’s major research interests are to study (1) the processing-morphology-property relationships of polymer and polymer composites/nanocomposite; (2) the fracture and toughening mechanisms of engineering materials and (3) characterization and failure mechanisms of microelectronic packaging materials and failure analysis of IC packages. Recently, he has studied polymerization, processing condition, microstructure formation and properties of epoxy/clay, epoxy/nanotubes and other polymer-based nanocomposites systematically. Through this research, he and his group developed unique techniques for nanoparticle dispersion and distribution in viscous polymer matrices, examined the nano-structure of various polymer nanocomposites thoroughly and disclosed new fracture/toughening mechanisms associated in the fracture processes of polymer nanocomposites.

Research Projects

  • Yielding, fracture and micro-deformation mechanisms of Polymer nanocomposites with inorganic nano-fillers
  • Preparation, microstructure and mechanical properties of polymer nanocomposites based on thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) and highly exfoliated clay via melt compounding
  • Processing and characterization of a new class of polymer nanocomposites reinforced by halloysite nanotubes
  • Materials characterization and IC package failure analysis
  • Structure, property and modification of low cost nanocomposites for electronic packaging application


Selected Publications

Refereed Journal Papers

  • Manuscripts recommended for publication or under review:
  • Annealing-induced high impact toughness of polypropylene/CaCO3 nanocomposites
  • Yong Lin, Haibin Chen, Chi-Ming Chan and Jingshen Wu (under review)
  • Direct Measurement for Young’s Modulus and Tensile Properties of Single Halloysite Nanotubes, Lu Dong, Chen Haibin, Jingshen Wu and Chi-Ming Chan. (Submitted)
  • Interlaminar properties of carbon fiber composites with halloysite nanotube toughened epoxy matrix, Yueping Ye, Haibin Chen, Jingshen Wu, Chi-Ming Chan and Lin Ye (Submitted)

Published papers after joining HKUST

  • Gong, G., Wu Jingshen, Lin Y. Chan C-M and Yang M.B. “Dynamic rheological behavior of isotactic polypropylene filled with nano-calcium carbonate modified by stearic acid coating” J. Macromolecular Sci., Part-B, Physics, 48(2) 329-343.
  • Lin Y., Chen H.B., Chan C-M and Wu Jingshen (2008), “High impact toughness polypropylene/CaCO3 nanocomposites and the toughening mechanism”, Macromolecules, 41 (23) 9204-9213.
  • Deng S., Zhang J., Ye L. and Wu Jingshen (2008) “Toughening Epoxies with halloysite nanotubes”, Polymer, 49 (23) 5119-5127.
  • Xue Ke, Wu Jingshen , Chen Haibin, Sun Yongqiao etc (2008) “Numerical Analysis of Interfacial Delamination in Thin Array Plastic Package” Proceedings, 2008 International Conference on Electronic Packaging Technology and High Density Packaging, ICEPT-HDP 2008
  • Yin Tao, Rong Min Zhi, Wu Jingshen, Chen Haibin and Zhang Ming Qiu (2008) “Healing of Impact Damage in Woven Glass Fabric Reinforced Epoxy Composites” Composites: Part A, Volume 39, 1479-1487.
  • Ye Yueping, Chen Haibin, Wu Jingshen and Ye Lin, (2007) “High Impact Strength Epoxy Nanocomposites with Natural Nanotubes” Polymer, Volume 48, 6426-6433.
  • Chen Haibin, Wang Mozhen, Lin Yong, Chan Chi-Ming and Wu Jingshen (2007) “Morphology and Mechanical Property of Binary and Ternary Polypropylene Nanocomposites with Nanoclay and CaCO3 Particles” Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Volume 106, 3409-3416.
  • Zhang Yan, Lin Yong, Chen Haibin, Wu Jingshen and Chan Chi-Ming, (under peer-review) “Deformation Mechanism and Yield Behavior of PP/CaCO3 micro- and nano-composites” Composites Science and Technology.
  • Chen Haibin and Wu Jingshen (2007) “Understanding the Underlying Physics of the Essential Work of Fracture on the Molecular Level”. Macromolecules, Vol. 40, p.4322-4326.
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  • Liling Yan, Ke Wang, Jingshen Wu, Lin Ye (2007) “Hydrophobicity of model surfaces with closely packed nano- and micro-spheres” Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, Volume 296, Issue 1-3, p.123-131.
  • Liling Yan, Ke Wang, Jingshen Wu, Lin Ye (2007) “Characterization of fluoroalkylsilane monolayer on polystyrene sphere arrays after plasma treatment” Surface Science, Volume 601, Issue 5, p.1394-1402.
  • Liling Yan, Ke Wang, Jingshen Wu, and Lin Ye (2006) “Hydrophobicity of Model Surfaces with Loosely Packed Polystyrene Spheres after Plasma Etching” J. Phys. Chem., Volume 110, Issue23, p.11241 -11246.
  • Ke Wang, Jingshen Wu, Hanmin Zeng (2006) “Microstructure and fracture behavior of polypropylene/barium sulfate composites” Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Volume 99, Issue 3, p.1207-1213.
  • Ke Wang; Jingshen Wu; Zeng Hanmin (2006) “Effect of interfacial modification on the rheological properties and nucleation behaviour of PP-BaSO4 composites” Polymers and Polymer Composites; Volume: 14, Issue 5, p.473-481.

Conference Presentations

  • Guan Gong, Jingshen Wu, Lin Yong, Chi-Ming Chan and Mingbo Yang, “Effects of surface coating on the rheological properties of PP/CaCO3 nanocomposites”. Invited Talk, China Polymer Symposium 2007, Chengdu, China, 9-13/Oct/2007.
  • Yong Lin, Haibin Chen, Jingshen Wu and Chi-Ming Chan, “PP/CaCO3 nanocomposites with high impact toughness”. 3rd China-Europe Polymer Symposium, Budapest, Hungary. 11-15/June/2007.
  • Zheming Zhang, Zhengjian Xu, Jingshen Wu and Tongxi Yu etc. “A New Method for Single Solder Ball Impact Test “, JEDEC/IPC Global Conferences on Lead Free Reliability and Reliability Testing for RoHS Lead Free Electronics, Austin, Texas, 3-5/Dec/2007.
  • Zhengjian Xu, Zheming Zhang, Jingshen Wu, Tongxi Yu, etc, “Mechanical properties of lead-free solder alloys and finite element simulation on solder ball shear under high speed impact”. JEDEC/IPC Global Conferences on Lead Free Reliability and Reliability Testing for RoHS Lead Free Electronics, Austin, Texas, 3-5/Dec/2007.
  • Tang C W George, Shing W K Jacqueline, Chen Haibin, Lee Ricky and Wu Jingshen,
  • “Effects of Microstructure on Thermal and Mechanical Properties of PBGA Substrates”
  • The 8th International Conference on Electronic Materials and Packaging, EMAP 2006, HK.
  • Ye Yueping, Wu Jingshen, Ye Lin, “High Toughness from Natural Nanotubes” ACCM-5, 11-2006, HK
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