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Shuhuai YAO 姚舒懷
PhD, Stanford
Associate Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Professor Yao received the B.S. degree in engineering mechanics from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, in 2000, and the M.S. and the Ph.D. degrees in mechanical engineering from Stanford in 2001 and 2005. Before joining the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, she worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Her research interest lies in understanding of micro-/nano-scale fluid dynamics and heat transfer, interfacial surface science and transport phenomena, and applying new technologies from fundamental studies to electronics cooling and bioanalytical devices.

Teaching Activities

MECH3310 Heat Transfer


Research Interests

Microfluidics and nanofluidics
Interfacial phenomena
Thermal management for microelectronics

Research Projects

RGC - General Research Fund (GRF 621110) “Dual-scaled hybrid nanowicks for enhanced fluid transport and heat transfer in heat pipes” 
HKUST- Research Project Competition (RPC10EG30) “Dynamic assessment of the self-assembly of peptide nanostructures using a microfluidic device” 
HKUST - Direct Allocation Grant (DAG09/09.EG03) “Enhancement of nucleate boiling in microchannels with micro/nano structured surfaces” 
HKUST - School-based Initiatives (SBI08/09.EG09) “Biomimic energy harvesting system” 
ITC - Innovation and Technology Commission & Industries (ITS/530/09) “A novel high heat flux spreader for high power electronics” with Prof. Huihe Qu (PI)       

Selected Publications

Journal Papers
  • Chen X., Wu J., Ma R., Hua M., Koratkar N., Yao S. and Wang Z., "Nanograssed Micropyramidal Architectures for Continuous Dropwise Condensation," Advanced Functional Materials, In press.
  • Wu J., Ma R., Wang Z., and Yao S., “Do droplets always move following the wettability gradient?” Applied Physics Letters, 98, 204104, 2011.
  • Zeng Y., Jiang L., Zheng W., Li D., Yao S., and Qu J.Y., “Quantitative imaging of mixing dynamics in microfluidic droplets using two-photon fluorescence lifetime imaging,” Optics Letters, 36, pp. 2236-2238, 2011.
  • Chen L., Wu J., Li Z., and Yao S., “Evolution of entrapped air under bouncing droplets on viscoelastic surfaces,” Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects
  • 384(#1-3), pp. 726-732, 2011.
  • Yao, S., and Bakajin, O., “Improvements in mixing time and mixing uniformity in mixers for studies of protein folding kinetics,” Analytical chemistry, 79, pp. 5753-5759, 2007.
  • Lapidus, L. J., Yao, S., McGarruty, K.S., Hertzog, D.E., Tubman, E., and Bakajin, O., “Protein Hydrophobic Collapse and Early Folding Steps Observed in a Microfluidic Mixer,” Biophysical Journal, 93(#1), pp. 218-224, 2007.
  • Lin, C.-W., Yao, S., Posner. J., Myers, A.M., and Santiago, J.G., “Toward orientation independent design for gas recombination in closed-loop electroosmotic pumps,” Sensors and Actuators B, 128(#1), pp. 334-339, 2007.
  • Yao, S., Myers, A.M., Posner. J., Rose, K.A., and Santiago, J.G., “Electroosmotic pumps fabricated from porous silicon membranes,” Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, 15(#3), pp. 717-728, 2006.
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