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Robin Lok Wang MA 馬諾宏
Assistant Professor of Engineering Education of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Dr. Ma obtained his Ph.D. in the School of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of New South Wales (UNSW). He is an Electron Microscopist, having carried out nearly 8 years of research work in the world class electron microscope centers in both Sydney (Electron Microscope Unit at UNSW) and Melbourne (Bio21 Institute). He also worked as an Engineer at the AJAX Engineering Fasteners (Melbourne) for 12 months. He has considerable research experience, particularly in focused ion beam (FIB) related research as well as in using both transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). His primary area of expertise is in the relationship between microstructure and properties of materials, including metals and ceramics. His current research interest focuses on the shape memory alloy (SMA) related research, including the processing of SMA, and the investigation on its mechanical properties.

Teaching Activities

MECH2020 Statics and Dynamics
MECH2520 Design and Manufacturing 1
MECH2907 Mechatronic Design and Prototyping
MECH3300 Energy Conversion

Research Interests

Titanium-based shape memory alloy (Ti-based SMA);
TiN-based thin film deformation;
Electron microscopies (SEM and TEM);
Focused ion beam (FIB) related research;
Intermetallics and equal channel angular pressing (ECAP).

Professional activity

CEng MIMechE

Selected Publications

  • L. W. Ma, H. S. Cheng, C. Y. Chung and B. Yuan, “Superelastic behavior and microstructure of Ti19Nb9Zr1Mo (at%) alloy”, Materials Letters, 109 (2013) 172-174.
  • L. W. Ma, H. S. Cheng, C. Y. Chung and B. Yuan, “Effect of heat treatment time on microstructure and shape memory effect of Ti-19Nb-9Zr (at.%) alloy”, Materials Science & Engineering A, 531 (2013) 427-433.
  • L. W. Ma, H. S. Cheng, C. Y. Chung, “Effect of thermal-mechanical treatment on superelastic behavior of Ti-19Nb-14Zr (at. %) shape memory alloy”, Intermetallics, 32 (2013) 44-50.
  • L. W. Ma, H. S. Cheng, C. W. Cao, C. Y. Chung, “Study of thermal scanning rates on transformations of Ti-19Nb-9Zr (at.%) by means of differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) analysis”, Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 21 (2012) 2675-2679.
  • Y. X. Tong, B. Guo, F. Chen, B. Tian, L. Li, Y. F. Zheng, L. W. Ma, C. Y. Chung, “Two-way shape memory effect of TiNiSn alloys developed by martensitic deformation”, Materials Science & Engineering A550 (2012) 434-437.
  • L. W. Ma, K. Xia, “Acceleration of spheroidisation in a medium carbon steel processed by equal channel angular pressing”, Kovove Materialy, 49 (2011) 23-27.
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  • L. W. Ma, J. M. Cairney, M. J. Hoffman, P. R. Munroe, “Effect of Coating Thickness on Deformation Mechanisms in PVD TiN-coated Steel”, Surface & Coatings Technology, 204 (2010) 1764-1773.
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  • L. W. Ma, J. M. Cairney, M. J. Hoffman, P. R. Munroe, “Deformation and fracture of TiN and TiAlN coatings on a steel substrates during nanoindentation”, Surface & Coatings Technology, 200 (2006) 3518-3526.
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  • J. M. Cairney, S. G. Harris, L. W. Ma, P. R. Munroe, E. D. Doyle, “Characterization of TiN and TiAlN thin films deposited on ground surfaces using focused ion beam milling”, Journal of Materials Science, 39 (2004) 3569-3575.


Current opening

I am looking for a Research Assistant to support the development of student-initiated projects and activities, i.e. competition.
Applicants should have a degree in Mechanical Engineering or Aerospace Engineering or a relevant engineering discipline with solid background in one of the following areas: robotics control; electronic embedded systems; programming, etc. Experience in using computer drawing software is required. Post-qualification work experience in teaching, training, or project management is preferred. (Appointment for 12 months)
Interested candidates may send your CV to 

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