Department of Mechanical and Aerospace EngineeringOUR PEOPLE
Name   Titleorder Extn Email Room Research Area
Prof Christopher Yu-Hang CHAO 趙汝恒 Head & Chair Professor 7182 meyhchao 2576 Thermofluid & energy, Built Environment
Prof Huihe QIU 邱惠和 Associate Head & Professor 7190 meqiu 2546 Thermofluid, multiphase flow, fluid dynamics, micro/nanosensors
Prof Qing-Ping SUN 孫慶平 Associate Head & Professor 8655 meqpsun 2593 Solid mechanics, shape memory alloy
Prof Jang-Kyo KIM 金章教 Chair Professor 7207 mejkkim 2595 Composites and nanocomposites; Nanocarbons for sustainable energy materials; 2D materials
Prof Shi-Wei Ricky LEE 李世瑋 Chair Professor 7203 Ricky Lee 2577 Development of packaging and assembly technologies for electronics and optoelectronics.
Prof Wei SHYY 史維 Chair Professor 6122 weishyy 6336 Computational fluid dynamics, heat transfer
Prof Kun XU 徐昆 Chair Professor 7433 makxu 3444 Computational Fluid Dynamics, Rarefied flow, Gas-kinetic schemes
Prof Xin ZHANG 張欣 Chair Professor 2220 aexzhang 2577C Aeroacoustics, Aerodynamics
Prof Tianshou ZHAO 趙天壽 Chair Professor 8647 metzhao 2594 Thermophysics & energy engineering (工程热物理, 能源科学与工程)
Prof Lilong CAI 蔡李隆 Professor 7209 2545 Control & manufacturing
Prof David Chuen-Chun LAM 林銓振 Professor 7208 medcclam 2559 Material sci & eng., electronic packaging
Prof Kai TANG 湯凱 Professor 8656 mektang 2560 CAD/CAM, solid modeling
Prof Michael Yu WANG 王煜 Professor 2544 mywang CYT 2010 Robotics and Automation, Design and Manufacturing
Prof Jingshen WU 吳景深 Professor 7200 mejswu 2561 Material sci & eng., nanocomposite
Prof Francesco CIUCCI Associate Professor 7187 mefrank 2577A Material sci. & eng., Energy, Numerical meth.
Prof Yongsheng GAO 高咏生 Associate Professor 8649 meygao 2558 Manufacturing, precision engineering
Prof Xun HUANG 黄迅 Associate Professor 2295 huangxun 2556 Aeroacoustics; Wave; Flight and flow control.
Prof Baoling HUANG 黃寶陵 Associate Professor 7181 mebhuang 2577B Nano/micro scale heat and mass transfer&energy
Prof Yi-Kuen LEE 李貽昆 Associate Professor 8663 meyklee 2547 Manufacturing, bio-MEMS
Prof Zhigang LI 李志剛 Associate Professor 7186 mezli 2557 Micro/nanofluidics, nanoscale mass and heat transfer; biosensing
Prof Jinglei YANG 楊晶磊 Associate Professor 2298 maeyang 2553 Materials genome approach; Bioinspired composites and structures; Multifunctional materials; Mechanics
Prof Shuhuai YAO 姚舒懷 Associate Professor 7205 meshyao 2577F Micro/nano fluid dynamics & heat transfer
Prof Wenjing YE 葉文菁 Associate Professor 7194 mewye 2562 Micromechanics, computational mech.
Prof Qing CHEN 陳擎 Assistant Professor 2234 chenqing 2544 Materials Science, Electrochemistry, and Energy Storage
Prof Sherry Xian CHEN 陳弦 Assistant Professor 2296 xianchen 2551 phase transformation, synchrotron structure characterization, geometrically nonlinear theory
Prof Larry LI 李建邦 Assistant Professor 2232 larryli 2577D Flow instability, combustion dynamics, thermoacoustics, nonlinear dynamics, multiphase flows, atomization
Prof Rhea LIEM Assistant Professor 2295 rpliem 2549 Aircraft design, multidisciplinary design and optimization (MDO), surrogate modeling, computational science and techniques for aerospace engineering.
Prof Jungwon (Jun) SEO 徐廷沅 Assistant Professor 6169 junseo 2577E Robotics (robotic manipulation); Control/Dynamics; Planning/Kinematics
Prof Robin Lok Wang MA 馬諾宏 Assistant Professor of Engineering Education 2231 melwma 2552 Shape memory alloy, Focused ion beam milling, Transmission electron microscopy and Materials Science
Prof Hong TAO 陶宏 Lecturer 8358 maehongtao 2554 Advanced surface treatment on lightweight metal alloys, advanced metal forming technology
Prof Yiu-Wing MAI 米耀榮 Adjunct Professor
Prof Wen-Quan TAO 陶文銓 Adjunct Professor
Prof Ching-Ping WONG 汪正平 Adjunct Professor
Prof Chung Nin KO 高松年 Adjunct Associate Professor mecnko Biomedical and novel materials applications, and product innovations
Prof Stephen K L LEE 李建龍 Adjunct Associate Professor 8667 stevelee 2124 Material characterization of composite materials, Design and fabrication of integrated composite structure, Manufacture of aircraft composite structure using out-of-autoclave processes
Prof Herman Yik Wai TSUI 徐奕偉 Adjunct Associate Professor Plasma technology and Nuclear Fusion Energy Systems
Prof Vincent LI 李耀輝 Adjunct Assistant Professor emvli Signal Processing, Robotics, Sensors and instrumentation
Prof In LEE 李仁 Visiting Professor 7196 meinlee 2567 Aeroelasticity, Structural Dynamics, Composite and Smart Structures
Prof Wenbin SONG 宋文濱 Visiting Associate Professor 8321 meswb 2604 Conceptual aircraft design, computational aerodynamics and aeroacoustics, and computational engineering
Prof Edwin Chi Yan TSO 曹之胤 Research Assistant Professor 2221 mecytso 2565 Thermofluid, Energy Conversion, Heat and Mass Transfer
Prof Jianbo XU 徐建波 Research Assistant Professor mejianbo CYT4004 Advanced materials, heat and mass transfer for electrochemical energy systems (fuel cells, water splitting)
Prof Qingbin ZHENG 鄭慶彬 Research Assistant Professor mezheng 2572 Material sci & eng., Surfaces and interfaces, New carbon materials
Dr Lok Hin Sunny CHAN 陳樂軒 Teaching Associate 8808 sunnychan 2563 Advanced Materials & Technology; Aircraft & Aeronautical Engineering; Solid Mechanics
Dr Yun Yuen Stanley LEUNG 梁潤園 Teaching Associate 8808 yunyuen 2563
Prof Jay-Chung CHEN 陳介中 Professor Emeritus Structural dynamics, environmental studies
Prof Ping CHENG 鄭平 Professor Emeritus Heat transfer, two-phase flow
Prof Chin-Tsau HSU 許金造 Professor Emeritus mecthsu Thermofluid & energy
Prof Yang LENG 冷揚 Professor Emeritus meleng Material sci & eng., biomaterial
Prof Pin TONG 董平 Professor Emeritus Computational mechanics, biomechanics
Prof Tongxi YU 余同希 Professor Emeritus metxyu Solid mechanics, impact dynamics
Prof Matthew Ming-Fai YUEN 袁銘輝 Professor Emeritus meymf CAD/CAM/CAE, electronic packaging
Prof Tong-Yi ZHANG 張統一 Professor Emeritus mezhangt Material sci. & eng., micro/nanomechanics
Prof See-Chun KOT 葛時俊 Senior Lecturer Emeritus mesckot Thermofluid & environmental eng.