Department of Mechanical Engineering
Learning Environment
Campus – Location
HKUST is set in green surrounds, on top of a hill overlooking the South China Sea; it is one of the most beautiful environments imaginable for a university campus. Our modern buildings, set in this open landscape are equipped with state of the art facilities, offering our students the chance to experience the latest technology to support their study.

Campus – Life
Life on campus is stimulating, with every kind of sport, social, community service, and extra-curricular activity on offer.  Our Mechanical Engineering students have their own student associations, MESA for undergraduates, MEPGS for post graduate students and MEGA for our alumni. These organisations promote student well-being and their academic and professional interests as well as providing a voice for interactions with faculty and other departments.  Students are offered a lively social calendar, with plenty of opportunities to get to know their peers from Hong Kong and from all over the world.

All our students are encouraged to make the most of their university life, and to embrace campus life to the full.

Department of Mechanical Engineering
The Department is ranked 47 in the world by QS and is the highest rank Department in Hong Kong. We aspire to be a leading ME Department globally and will consolidate our academic strength by attracting top students to the Department.

MECH Program Objectives
The undergraduate MECH program, leading to a Bachelor’s Degree, aims to educate future leaders in mechanical engineering to serve Hong Kong and globally. The education program will migrate from the 3-year curriculum to the 4-year curriculum guided by the objectives that a MECH student shall:
  • Be able to communicate and perform as an effective engineering professional in both individual and team-based project environments,
    • Have an international outlook with clear perspectives on the Pearl river Delta and Greater China,
  • Be able to research, design, develop, test, evaluate and implement engineering solutions to complex problems encountered in professional practice and leadership roles,
  • Clearly Consider the ethical implications and societal impacts of engineering solutions,
  • Continuously improve through lifelong learning.

The 4-year curriculum will be developed based on students attaining the following learning outcomes:
  • The ability to identify and formulate solutions to problems in multidisciplinary environments with an understanding of basic mechanical issues and constraints;
  • The ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering for problem solving in mechanical engineering and related sectors or for further education in a research career;
  • The ability to use modern engineering tools, techniques, and skills to plan and conduct experiments, and analyze and interpret data to understand basic mechanisms for problem solving;
  • The ability to communicate effectively and to provide leadership;
  • To be broadly educated with an understanding of the impact of engineering solutions in global, business, environmental, health and safety, and societal context;
  • To have a clear understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities.

Mechanical Engineering Students
The University and the Department are dedicated to developing an undergraduate educational experience that makes academic excellence a central goal, while providing opportunities for intellectual breadth andpersonal development. Ouracademicprogrammes are comprehensive and innovative with opportunitiesforindustrial and overseas exposure, our laboratories have state of the art equipment, and we enjoy international recognition for our ground breaking research in various aspects of the Mechanical Engineering field. We pride ourselves on providing a flexible, stimulating and nurturing environment for young people in preparation for their professional careers and to realize their full potential in this rewarding discipline. The learning environment is proactive; results are achieved through project work, lab experiments and industrial training. Value is place on international experience, internships and Co-op, undergraduate research, and co-curricular activities integrating with an objective-based learning approach.  Initiative is nurtured and innovative thinking rewarded.

Through the development of knowledge - theoretical and practical, and the acquisition of the skills and competencies vital for today’s global markets, our graduates possess key attributes, which are constantly sought after in diverse fields, regardless of prevailing economic conditions. These defining characteristics can be summed up as “PRO MECH”

P Passionate and professional, integrating academic excellence with hands on skills and best management practices
R Responsible and responsive, diligent and dedicated with global leadership ability
O Original thinking - innovative, knowledge-driven; quick and agile in grasping new concepts
M Multi-skilled and multi-culture conscious, confident in managing technical, logistical and human issues
E Ecologically aware, expertise across broad subject areas, environmentally savvy, ethically sound
C Competent, caring, compassionate and committed leadership style
H Holistic and people oriented methods, awareness of both big picture and the fine details