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19 Jan 2017
Five MAE UG teams awarded Hong Kong X Best 50 FYP Projects 2016-17
Five teams of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering undergraduates are selected by the Hong Kong X as the winners of the Best 50 Final Year Projects in Hong Kong for the year 2016-2017, receiving a grant of $20,000 per project. The five winning teams are (alphabetical order in project names):
Project: Bioinspired Flapping Wings’ Micro Air Vehicles
Team Members: POON Ho Ting, CHAN Ka Kit, CHENG Leong Fai, NGAI Tsz Wai, TSE Shuk Ming
Supervisor: Prof. Huihe Qiu
Project: Design and Prototyping of a Boating System with LED Lighting and Retractable Jig for Squid Fishing
Team Members: HUNG Tan Ni, CHAN Chung Ting, NG Wai Ting Jenny, WONG Ka Ching
Supervisor: Prof. Ricky Lee
Project: Development of a Mini-tester with Imaging System
Team Members: LEUNG Ka Hung, CHAN Tsz Kin, CHAN Wai Lam, LAU Man Hei, SZETO Chi Fai
Supervisor: Prof. Jinglei Yang
Project: Development of a Sea Water Battery
Team Members: KUMAR Mayank, BIN MAMTAZ Md Raziun, CHUNG Gain Yui, MUTHUKUMAR Sivaraam
Supervisor: Prof. Francesco Ciucci

Project: Wearable graphene foam/rubber composite sensors for remote health monitoring of patients
Team Members: CHEUNG Ming Shu, CHOI Yuk Wa, HUANG Hsing Chih, LEI Ho Yin
Supervisor(s): Prof. Jangkyo Kim and Prof. Qingbin Zheng
Organized by the Hong Kong X, the FYP Supporting Scheme is set up to financially support the execution and enhancement of the student research projects, with a view to promoting the technology innovation culture and ecosystem in Hong Kong. It is open to all undergraduates of local universities who are conducting final year research projects, in any subject which is related to Science, Technology, Art, Design, Finance and Business. A maximum of 50 projects are selected based on (a) exploration of an innovative idea, (b) connecting knowledge to potential application and (c) potential for commercialization. With the outstanding proposals, the five HKUST MAE teams will compete with other selected FYP teams to strive for the Best of the Best FYP award in July.

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