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31 May 2017
The First HKUST-KAIST-RMIT Joint Workshop held on 22-23 May 2017
The first HKUST-KAIST-RMIT Joint Workshop was held on 22-23 May 2017 at HKUST campus.  A number of KAIST and RMIT faculty members led by Prof. Jae-Hung HAN, Head of Department of  Aerospace Engineering, KAIST and Prof. Pier Marzocca, Associate Dean of Engineering, RMIT have attended the workshop.   MAE teams include Prof. Wei Shyy, Prof. Christopher Chao, Prof. Huihe Qiu, Prof. Xin Zhang, Prof. Jangkyo Kim, Prof. Jinglei Yang, Prof. Larry Li, Prof. Rhea Liem, Prof. Jungwon Seo, Dr. Sunny Chan and a number of Postdoctoral Fellows and RPG students.
We have presentations on 22 May 2017 followed by a discussion session on 23 May 2017 morning.  The workshop covered five major topics on Micro Air Vehicle (MAV); Automation and Control; Advanced Manufacturing/Composites ; Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS); and Aeroacoustics.  In the workshop, MAE representatives engaged in vigorous discussion on the topics with KAIST and RMIT counterparts and came up with some new ideas and action plans on joint activities. MAE will continue to engage with KAIST and RMIT in facilitating academic exchange and fostering research-oriented collaboration in the long run.  The next Joint Workshop will be held in Melbourne in 2018.

Presentation Session

(From left) Prof. Jae-Hung Han, Prof. Christopher Chao and Prof. Pier Marzocca

Group Photo