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01 Aug 2017
Novel Technologies Recognized at ASM Technology Award 2017
A team of five MAE undergraduates Chenxi Feng, Chunli Jiang, Yu Alexander Tse, Peng Zhou and Zihang Zhang received the Gold Award in the ASM Technology Award 2017 for their outstanding and innovative “Smart Soft End Effector” invention, with a scholarship of HKD 50,000. The students were supervised by Prof. Lilong Cai and Prof. Michael Wang.
The team’s project involved designing and manufacturing of a smart soft gripper which provides an adaptive grasping motion to objects of different shapes and sizes.  Unlike the current robotic grippers in the market which is expensive, complicated and time consuming to develop a working system, the team proposes a novel low cost soft robotic gripper integrated with a set of flexible sensors, which is named “Smart Soft End Effector”. The result of the project is so satisfying that the real prototype is able to handle objects of different shapes and sizes, even a piece of tofu without damaging it. The team believed that the smart soft end effector can even be used in fields of higher purposes, like medical services and rescue mission that will bring hope and benefit to more people.
Since 2015, ASM Technology Award has been established to promote technological innovation in Hong Kong and honor the best and brightest engineering students for their accomplishments in technology – students who are changing the world for the better.  This year, ten outstanding project teams from CityU, CUHK, HKU, HKUST and PolyU entered the competition and made presentations at HK Science Park on 7 July. Apart from the award, HKUST School of Engineering, as the Gold Award winning team’s home institution, is honored to receive a generous donation of HKD 100,000 as “ASM Technology Scholarship” to recognize and reward students with outstanding academic performance. The Award Presentation Ceremony was held on 4 August.

ASM Presentation Session

(from left) Prof. Michael Wang, Prof. Lilong Cai, Dr. Gary Peter Widdowson (Vice President, Technology, ASMPT), Chenxi Feng, Yu Alexander Tse and Chunli Jiang

Award Presentation Ceremony

(from right) Prof. Christopher Chao, Department Head, received a memorial crystal for Institution of Gold Award - HKUST SENG from Mr. Eric Mok (Vice President, Technology, ASMPT)