Department of Mechanical and Aerospace EngineeringINTRODUCTION
MAE striving for another level of excellence!
The MAE department has been doing very well these few years in various research and educational endeavors with support from a fully dedicated team of faculty and staff members, and of course, our students and alumni. Recently we had our 25th anniversary alumni dinner and a number of former heads, colleagues and alumni gathered and shared our good old memory, and ways to move forward.

Our undergraduate programs in Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering are now among the most popular programs in the School of Engineering. In recent years, the need for mechanical, aerospace engineers and related professionals in society has been huge and enabled our graduates to develop their professional career without major difficulties and the situation is expected to remain the same for many years to come. To support the university’s endeavor on Tri-modal education, our department is working closely with the School of Engineering to provide platforms for our students in three different paths, i.e., professional engineering career, research career and entrepreneurship track. Our curricula are geared towards providing support for students to build their own patterns of study throughout their period at HKUST. The thinking is indeed not only for our undergraduate students, but also for our postgraduate students who are also doing very well in their research and professional endeavors. We encourage students to go to different parts of the world and to work with people from other countries to enhance their exposure to knowledge and other facets in life, both technically and culturally, and at the end to enrich their mindsets in pursuing innovation and excellence. I am so proud of the achievement of our alumni who are well recognized by society in different walks of life, having taken up positions such as engineers, managers, entrepreneurs, educators, pilots, legislative councilors, just to name a few, who work together to make our community a vibrant one with a bright future. Our students have been doing very well lately in different local, regional and international competitions, and research achievement, such as the most energy efficient solar car award in Hong Kong, Silver Award in Cyberthlon in Switzerland, and Asia number 2 in the AIAA Design Fly Build competition, Humboldt Research Fellowship, etc. Our faculty and staff members have indeed played a key role in building up such a great learning platform.

A number of new faculty members have joined the department in the last three years and now we have more than 30 faculty members compared to 20+ just two years ago. We aim to move our research portfolio up a level, to make a global impact on the international community. As a major engineering department in a public university, our contribution to support industrial development in society is also part of our major mission that cannot be overlooked.

We need your great support and we look forward to working closely with all our stakeholders to open up this new brave world of innovation! Welcome to the family of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering!

Christopher Chao
Head of Department
November 15, 2016