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Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program
Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, or UROP in short, is one of HKUST’s signature programs designed to provide a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to engage in academic research and help them develop a broad an insightful perspective of their areas of interest. It was first launched in 2005 and was offered every summer for students to immerse themselves in various tailor-made research projects.

Over the years, UROP has been well received by both students and faculty, and enrolment has increased year after year. To further develop UROP into a flagship program of HKUST and to leverage on the program’s success in the past years, starting from fall 2010, a new course series was introduced, and would be offered in all semesters (fall, spring and summer), for students to participate in rigorous research projects that spans across the academic year.

To have the most updated information and upcoming research opportunities in UROP, please visit the UROP website.