Department of Mechanical Aerospace EngineeringENRICHMENT ACTIVITIES
Exchange Programs
The Exchange Programs offers an opportunity for students to enhance their global competitiveness by providing them with an experience in studying and working abroad. The experience enables students to immerse themselves into another culture while broadening their views, creating an added element to their undergraduate studies. Below are places where our students have gone for exchange.

Host Institution Country
Chalmers University of Technology Sweden
Chulalongkorn University Thailand
Cornell University USA
Dortmund University of Technology Germany
George Washington University USA
Georgia Institute of Technology USA
Harbin Institute of Technology China
INP Grenoble France
Kyoto University Japan
Lehigh University USA
Missouri University of Science and Technology USA
Nagoya University Japan
Nanyang Technological University Singapore
National University of Singapore Singapore
Northwestern University USA
Purdue University USA
Rice University USA
Royal Institute of Technology Sweden
Seoul National Korea
Shanghai Jiaotong University China
Simon Fraser University Canada
Sungkyunkwan University Korea
Technical University of Denmark Denmark
Tsinghua University China
Tulane University USA
Universidad Politeconica de Valencia Spain
University of Bath UK
University of California, Berkeley USA
University of California, Davis USA
University of California, Illinois USA
University of California, Los Angeles USA
University of California, San Diego USA
University of Dortmund Germany
University of Michigan USA
University of Minnesota USA
University of Pennsylvania USA
University of Washington USA
University of Waterloo USA
University of Southern California USA
Washington University USA
Xi'an Jiao Tong University China
Yeungnam University Korea