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Co-op Programs
The Co-op Program is an official option for our undergraduate MECH students. The program offers our 3rd year undergraduate students an opportunity to gain practical work experience in an engineering company, as an alternative to the Final Year Design Project. Between 2004 and 2009, 69 students successfully completed this program. Currently, 14 students are enrolled in this program, working in 7 companies located in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

The co-op program runs from January to June, while some companies extend it to the end of August to cater for the particular needs and nature of the projects. Students who participate in this program are all in their final semester. This means that they would have finished all major course work requirements at HKUST and their involvement with the companies will be of a full-time nature. The co-op program will not delay the students' graduation date. While working full-time in the companies, the students are also required to conduct a design project based upon their work in the company during the co-op period.

Past/Current Participating Companies:
  • ASAT Ltd.
  • ASTEC Ltd.
  • ATAL Engineering Co. Ltd.
  • Boeing/ Cathay Pacific/ HAESL Hong Kong Aero Engine Service Limited (intern)
  • Compass Technology Co. Ltd.
  • Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, Hong Kong SAR Government
  • Jardine Engineering Corporation (JEC)
  • Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited (HAECO)
  • Hong Kong & Yaumati Ferry Ltd. (HYF)
  • MTR Corporation Limited, Hong Kong (Mass Transit Railway)
  • Microsoft Asia Center for Hardware
  • NXP Semiconductors Hong Kong Ltd.
  • Ove Arup and Partners HK Ltd.
  • SAE Magnetics (HK) Ltd.
  • Silver Star International Ltd.
  • Towngas
  • Wah Fung Computer Services Ltd.

Credit Arrangements:
During this 6-month period, students need to satisfy the requirements for the “Final Year Design Project”, as listed in the undergraduate curriculum in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Participating students are also required to take MECH 4950, the “Co-op Program”, a 3-credit course focusing on their work attitude and other performance criteria, to be assessed by the industrial supervisor. The faculty members and the co-op program coordinator will also monitor their progress in the projects. A rigid quality control procedure managed by both HKUST faculty members and the industrial supervisor, will be maintained to ensure that each project is a fruitful experience for both the company and the student. A faculty member from the department will be assigned to each project in order to provide support for the student.

What Benefits Does The Co-op Program Bring The Student?
By participating in this co-op program, the companies are making important contributions to the career development of our students. Each company can provide students with full-time work experience; valuable practical engineering design opportunities; the chance to develop skills they have learnt in university and to help them identify career goals. All co-op students receive a salary sponsored by participating companies.

Prof. Hong Tao
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
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