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Activities in Aerospace
The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering supports the Aeronautics Interest Group (AIG). The latter is a student organization with members from all across the University having common interests in aerospace engineering. The goal of this group is to expose students to modern aerospace technologies. Thanks to a combination of various initiatives such as invited talks, workshops, site visits, and competitions, we expect that students will be prepared for a future career in the field of aerospace engineering. The AIG efforts also aims at expanding the horizons of interested students through outreach activities such as student exchange programs and competitions held worldwide.

AIG offers access to a wide range of professional networks including the Royal Aeronautical Society (AReS) HK branch, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), and Hong Kong Institute of Engineer (HKIE) Aircraft Division. AIG can be reached by visiting its website or email at
AIG website:
AIG on Facebook: Aeronautics Interest Group

Model Aircraft Team
The Model Aircraft Team is composed by students who are passionate about learning hands-on aeronautics and aircraft. The students are engaged in designing, constructing and testing model aircrafts. The team has been actively involved in air vehicle competitions worldwide, including

  • “Fengru Cup”, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2012
    Invited as exhibition team
  • “International Micro Air Vehicle Competition”, Braunschweig, Germany, 2012
    Winning 3rd Place in the Indoor Autonomy category
  • “Fly Your Ideas, Airbus, 2013
    Team Fenice and Team Aerovator advanced to round 2 among 100 teams out of 600 entries worldwide.
  • “AIAA Design Build and Fly competition”, Tucson, Arizona, 2013
    20 out of the 80 teams world wide

  • “Open Aeronautical Forum”, Mr. Darryl Chan, Head of Engineering, Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Limited
  • HAESL Success Story, Mr. Richard Kendall, CEO, Hong Kong Aero Engine Services Limited
  • “Green Flying”, Tian Yu, CEO, Yuneec International Limited
  • “Dialogue with Captain David Hodyes”, Mr. David Hodyes, Deputy Flying Training Manager, Cathay Pacific Airways
  • Boeing Commercial Aircraft: Product Development and Aviation Technology”, Mr. Christopher Morgan, Senior Director Sales, Boeing Commercial Airplanes Asia
  • “Aviation Market Outlook and Hong Kong's Position”, Dr. Angus Cheung, CEO, China Aircraft Services Limited
  • “Alumni Sharing”, Mr. Greg Hui, Mr. Dicky Or and Ms. Sharon Chong, ME alumni

Site Visits
  • Dajiang Innovation Limited
  • China Aircraft Service Limited
  • Cathay Pacific City
  • AVIC Zhuhai General Aviation